haven noun | ha-ven: a place where you are protected from danger, trouble. A harbor, port and shelter. 

Welcome to my blog where I share our family's adventures. It started with paying off our credit card debt and has only gotten more exciting from there.
We started working on our tiny house in Becker, Minnesota in June of 2015 and completed construction just before Thanksgiving. We then moved (house and all!) to Nevada and lived in the tiny house for nine months before purchasing our 2-bedroom home on an acre. The tiny house allowed us to move states quickly and try out several areas before deciding where to buy (some moves were by choice, others were not). It also allowed us to save up a downpayment much more quickly than we would have if we had gone into a rental. Those nine months of tiny living were challenging, but brought us so much closer as a family. We will treasure the memories forever. Our dream for the tiny house now is to share it with others who are considering making the leap to tiny living as well as a guest house for family and friends.  

Zac and I met during college through a mutual friend. Zac bought my engagement ring after we had been dating for four months. I was finally nearing the end of my teenage rebellion years, but nonetheless, was still insistent that I didn't want to get married (ever)...so he waited over a year to propose. Thank goodness he's patient.

Shortly after we got married we started attending a church. A church we drove by everyday and decided to date for a little while before really committing. It was there that we learned about grace, forgiveness and what it means to live for Christ. Our story is one of redemption and forgiveness. 

Fast forward five years and here we are with a three-nager, a one-year-old and less stuff than ever before. We've always heard "less is more" we've certainly found it to be true.  I started this blog in August 2014 with no idea what the next couple years had in store but it has served as a wonderful way to share our faith and the adventure that comes with following Jesus. 

Thanks for stopping by and please feel free to contact me