A Quiet Extrovert

My brother sent me a link to a personality test and told me I HAD to take it. I figured it was a Facebook quiz or something he and his college buddies made, but he rarely asks for anything, so I obliged. I've taken personality tests before, but this one was spot on and incredibly helpful. It led to many conversations between Zac and I about what makes us tick, what our strengths and weaknesses are and how we can use those to work together more effectively. The conclusion of my results told me I was a quiet extrovert and that "whether it is navigating interpersonal conflicts, confronting unpleasant facts, pursuing self-realization, or finding a career path that aligns well with your intricate inner core, you may face numerous challenges that at times can even make you question who you really are."

Since becoming a mom almost every decision has felt like a challenge. Even right now, at 5:30am on a Thursday morning, I am a little tense thinking about if I should make myself breakfast now and risk waking the baby (but be able to eat alone)... or should I wait until he wakes up because then I might be able to post this before I leave for work? Granted, this particular challenge doesn't make me question who I really am, but many of the challenges in the past year certainly have. There have been many days when I really disliked myself because I just wanted to slow down but there was this relentless drive that wouldn't let me...it wanted to continue trying even when I thought I had nothing left. Wouldn't it be great if marriage, kids, career, friendships and everything else could compliment each other rather than competing? This drive and determination is something God gave me, and I am learning to embrace it rather than live in conflict with it. He is using it to make all things work cohesively when I rely on Him to put the pieces into place. 

I thought the results of the personality test were complex, but I bet it pales in comparison to God's designs and plans. Love your personality. Embrace that God has made you unique. You're here on purpose. Let Him use your personality to His glory. Spend more time with Him than with your fears. Start seeing what He sees in you. 

Take your own personality quiz at 16personalities.com

"I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb.
Before you were born I set you apart
and appointed you as my prophet to the nations."
Jeremiah 1:5