The Big Announcement

Our very belated Christmas letter with our big news for the year. Enjoy! 

We realize this letter is a bit overdue, we had exciting things happening and had to wait just a bit to share them with you. Zac is starting his dream job, a full-time flight medic he’ll be. Based out of Siren, Wisconsin it is quite the drive but his enthusiasm for flying outweighs any downside. Don’t worry, we’re not moving, we wouldn’t want to enter Packer territory.

To balance out the home front during this time of transition, Caitlin’s company has offered her a new part-time position. We couldn’t be more excited, the role fits her perfectly… she is now coaching people through Financial Peace University! This is the program that has been so instrumental for us this past year. It also the main topic of conversation on Caitlin’s new blog, Hogan’s Haven.

Finn is walking, babbling, and just really loving life. Much to our delight he even sleeps through the night! He enjoys hugging Mika (whom he affectionately calls “puppy”) and 15 months later she seems to be warming up to him nicely. Last but not least Finn has an announcement he is excited to share…he is going to be a big brother later this year! The newest addition is expected at the end of July and no doubt the time is going to fly.

With all our love, we now say goodbye.
— Zac, Caitlin, Finn, Baby Bump and Mika
Family Photo

Photo credit:  Guytano Magno Photography