Move #1

Finn is now 18 months old (when did that happen?). Emmy is 2 1/2. They have played many times, but let's be real, living together is a totally different ball game. I had my doubts about Finn's sharing abilities and my own parenting skills (or lack thereof most days) and how it would work combining all of those factors. To my surprise, I would say Finn and Emmy have faired the best out of all of us so far. These two have developed quite the camaraderie this past week...and possibly their own language. 

The Adventures of Finn and Emmy (Day 2)

Finn is at the bottom of the stairs having just gotten dressed to go outside. Emmy is upstairs and hears Finn yelling. Although he is yelling "mommy" she thinks he is saying "Emmy!" 

Finn:      Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!
Emmy:   I'm up here, honey! 
Emmy realizes he is saying "mommy."  
Emmy:   She's right here, Finn! (referring to her own mommy)

Kids are so resilient. They are handling this move far better than I am.


The move really only focused on the essentials. Finn spent the day with grandma and grandpa and our main goal was to have his room disassembled and reassembled before we picked him up. We also moved our bed and most of our clothing and toiletries. If I had to take a guess I would say we've gotten rid of 75% of our belongings. There are still items at the house waiting to be sorted and delivered, but the necessities are settled at their new location. 

I had been preparing Finn for weeks telling him that soon we would be living at Emmy's house. When we picked him up the day of the move I told him I was so excited to show him his new room...which was a lie...I was actually holding back tears and fighting thoughts like, "What kind of parent moves their child out of the only home they've ever known, into someone else's home temporarily, and then into a 250 square foot trailer?"

We arrived at Emmy's and I walked Finn downstairs to his new room expecting a full-out meltdown when he saw all of his stuff in a new place. I was prepared for a week's worth of sleepless nights and days of endless tears and tantrums as he adjusted to his new surroundings. 

He looked around, gave me a slightly perplexed look, grabbed a few of his stuffed animals, sat down and started playing. 

That was it. No missed naps or sleepless nights. No tears, no tantrums. 

It turns out moving into someone else's home is rather emotional. There were all sorts of unexpected feelings that came up. I didn't anticipate the floods of tears or the countless times I would want to give up. There were multiple breakdowns in which I told Zac, "It's ok, we will just work forever and find full-time daycare; I don't want to do this anymore."

It's a good thing it was too late to back out because I definitely would have. 

I have learned so much from watching Finn. He has faith that regardless of where his bed is, mom and dad will be there when he wakes up in the morning and he is content in that. He isn't bothered by the new location and surroundings. He is brave and resilient and adventurous. 

Yes, this journey is exhilarating and liberating, but it is also downright scary. Some days have left me a complete wreck. It has given me a lot of opportunities to fully depend on God. He is faithful in His promises because through it all we have never once doubted the decision. The struggle has only been in the process. In fact, Zac and I are more on the same page now than we ever have been, and that alone makes this worth it. 

What is on your heart right now? What is God calling you into? If it seems scary, I can tell you from this moving experience that it probably is, but He is with you in it and will guide your next steps.

One move down, one to go.