Tiny House Hacks: Toddler Toys

Life in a tiny house is requires different toys. They can't be big, they need to hold the child's attention for longer than five minutes, and they absolutely CANNOT BE NOISY (because there is no other room to escape to). 

The following toys have been our go-to items for our two-year-old boy to keep him occupied. Whether you live in a tiny house, are looking for gift ideas, or are just tired of toys taking over, these have been favorites of Finn's for quite some time. These toys require imagination and creativity and as a result he comes back to them again and again. 

Small Trucks

This set of six trucks was Piper's gift to Finn when she was born (I know it sounds silly, but we wanted him to like her!) It was the best seven dollars I've ever spent. He spends at least a half hour every day, usually closer to an hour, playing with these. We like to experiment with different household items for rocks, the current favorite is raisins. 

Road Tape

This tape is sticky enough to stay put but won't leave residue. When the car mat gets boring we switch to this. 

Car Mat

No explanation needed. 


I think ours originally came from The Dollar Store. They are inexpensive and durable. Finn brings them in the shower, car, dirt and sometimes to bed (if they're clean, of course). 

Cooking Items: Kitchen Set and Condiments

Full disclosure: I have borrowed Finn's utensils for cooking...they're the perfect size for the tiny house. 

Full disclosure: I use this everyday. 


Finn helping dad build. It's not everyday you see someone sawing with both hands! 

I found this tool bench at a Just Between Friends sale and we gave it to Finn for his first birthday. He never took much of an interest in it so I was planning sell it before we moved but I'm so glad I didn't. After seeing the tiny house get built he took a new liking to it and has used it almost everyday since we moved into the house. It is just small enough to fit in his room. 

Doctor Set

Almost everything needs a checkup once in awhile! 

The Great Outdoors

The best way we've found to keep all of us (mostly) sane while living in 250-square-feet is to be outside as much as we can. We take a lot of trips to the park, we go on walks, play in the dirt, and eat picnic lunches. Outside we mostly play with sticks and rocks, but it is fun to have a truck to put them in once in a while. 

If you have suggestions for small toys for toddlers leave us a comment!