Not the 2018 We Expected

We have hesitated to share this update about our family as we were hopeful that this was a one-and-done situation and because in the world of cancer, this diagnosis is very manageable and treatable. We know several other families in our community whose battle with cancer has affected every part of their daily lives and wreaked havoc on their health. Nonetheless, we still would appreciate your prayers for Zac’s recovery and for next check-up.

In December 2017 Zac saw his primary care physician for symptoms that had been worsening over the prior six months. The physician immediately referred him to a urologist because of the amount of blood in his urine and an appointment was set for the following week, the first week of January 2018. Within the course of a few days the urologist ordered an ultrasound, CT scan and cystoscopy of the bladder. The ultrasound was unclear but the CT scan revealed a small "blotch". The next day the cytoscopy was performed and a tumor was found. Because of the size of the tumor and severity of Zac’s symptoms surgery was scheduled for two days later.  We cannot thank our friends and family enough who stepped in that week to take care of our kids, prepare meals and take care of our house while Zac was recovering. It was a whirlwind of a week!

The procedure to remove the tumor was a quick outpatient procedure but had a 10-day recovery time because a stent had to placed between the kidney and the bladder and a catheter had to stay in for one week to allow for proper healing. The biopsy results came back as a malignant, low-grade, non-invasive form of Carcinoma. The results were sent to the Mayo Clinic for further evaluation since this diagnosis is extremely rare for Zac’s age especially with no history of smoking. With this diagnosis Zac will now go in for a scope every three months.

On April 17th the first post-surgery scope revealed another tumor. This tumor is much smaller and the recovery from its removal will not be nearly as intense as the first round. Surgery is scheduled for May 23, 2018. To try and stop any further spreading of the cancer they will perform one round of chemotherapy the next day.  We are thankful to have a bit more notice for this surgery to allow us to plan accordingly for childcare, meals, work, PTO, etc.

Cancer has rocked our world this year in many ways and forms and it is heartbreaking; but we have hope that there is great blessing that can come from brokenness. Allowing God to work in our hearts as we run to him for our assurance during trials gives him room to grow us…you must first plow the ground if any crops are to grow.

For God did not give us a spirit of fear, but gives us power, love
and a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7